When addressing a magician, remember that you are appealing to a Force, not just a consultant.

The cost of services is determined by current needs and demand and is not subject to discussion. Payment is made in advance and in full.

Respect the magician’s time and professionalism: avoid unnecessary discussions and stick to specific questions. Clearly and concisely state your expectations from the intervention, providing all necessary data immediately.

The magician is not interested in your background or complaints; for psychological support, it is better to contact the appropriate specialist. Be concise and focus on the current problem.

Keep in mind that a positive result is not guaranteed due to possible interference from third forces, and in case of failure, the money is not refunded! If you are looking for free resources, the internet is full of the necessary literature.

If the magician guarantees a result during the magical operation, this should be perceived solely as his subjective opinion. It is his personal vision of the problem and assessment of the likelihood of success of the chosen methods. Such a statement is not legally binding and does not guarantee the obligatory achievement of the result. Rather, it reflects his opinion on the situation, imposing no legal obligations.

The magician’s fee is paid for his time and the rituals performed, confirmed by photographic evidence. Under no circumstances do you pay for the actual result, as both practical magic and psychotherapy do not charge for the final result. They charge for the time the specialist has dedicated to you and accordingly for the rituals that were performed.

If the desired result is not achieved by the magician, the client may request the magician to convene a council of magicians to study the client’s situation for further work with more complex and powerful collective magical rituals. If a positive decision is made, the council of magicians will offer their help for an additional fee (from 5000 euros), where terms, rituals, and probable results are discussed separately in each specific case.

Dear Clients,

Please note that I am located in Kyiv. Therefore, please consider Kyiv time when writing emails. Send your emails on working days from Monday to Friday during business hours from 10:00 to 18:00. Emails sent on Saturday, Sunday, or outside business hours (from 18:00 to 10:00) will be deleted without a response.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, Amanar