Black magic — love spell and hex.

Black magic

Black magic

Black mage amanar

«I, the sorcerer Amanar (secular name Balaban Andrey Anatoliyevich), practicing the black magic, undertake exclusively the most complex work when the other masters are unable to help you. As a clairvoyant, I see the root of your problem and the best method to resolve it.

As a sorcerer, I can use the most powerful techniques of black magic, such as black wedding, black spell… Expensive.

Highlights of my work:

– no negative consequences for the client;

– keeping the secret of visit;

– inability to detect of my impact by clairvoyants and fortune tellers. »


My magical abilities were demonstrated in the scientific television program “Battle of the Paranormalists” (2009), my knowledge and experience as a sorcerer are outlined in my textbook, officially published in 2015 in the United States, entitled “22 lessons of witchcraft.”

My book can be purchased in printed and electronic form on the website
If you are unable or feel embarrassed to consult me personally, I am ready to listen to you on the phone and diagnose the problems by e-mail, subject to the further remote assistance.

Love spell

Mega TV. Warlock Amanar. Love spell.

– detailed study of your problem using the predictive systems and answers to your questions about the past, present and future

– diagnostics for the evil eye, hex, curse, prompting a love spell, necrotizing astral, karmic drawstrings, the crown of celibacy, seal of loneliness

– removal of any magical effect and protection production

– production of protection for you, your loved ones, movable and immovable property

– assistance in love affairs with the help of cooling, turnaway, love spell, black wedding ceremonies, black love spell, protection of your love, marriage and family

– assistance, consultancy and management of your business affairs

– protection of you and your loved ones from competitors, enemies …


TV. Black mae Andrey Balaban (Amanar)

During the training the pupil masters:

– predictive (guessing on simple cards, Tarot, Tarot Lucifer, runes) magic

– natural (bio-energy, mental magic) magic;

-ceremonial (ancient rituals at cemeteries, street corners, and high magic churches) magic.

During the training, the following skills are developed:

– the ability to view the past, present and future, read the minds;

– diagnose and shoot the evil eye, hex, curse of any complexity;

– make and anoint the powerful and effective talismans and amulets of any orientation;

– protection of oneself, one’s loved ones, all required people and inanimate objects (apartment, car, house) for resistance to magic hex;

business magic – fast and effective attraction of material well-being;

love magic – spell, turnaway, cooling;

black magic

Black magic in the modern world quite strongly overgrown superstition, gossip and rumors

That is making such a science something unreal and scary.

Similarly, in the past, things were with modern sciences, such as physics, chemistry and mathematics.

21st century radically changed everything, and now everything is understood,

it’s science that the future of the discharge passed into the current.

Black magic


is the science that studies the subtle (spiritual) world, its inhabitants, in order to attract their strength.

It uses knowledge of astrology and geopathogenic zones of land (previously called them cursed place)

for the most favorable of its energies into our physical plane

and trends in the right direction in order to obtain maximum,

for example, such as a spell or hex.

Love spell


a magical effect on man to draw him to her:

love spell — for sexual relations;

Black spell — for intimate relations;

black wedding — an intimate relationship with a sharp thoughts, desires and actions for living together until the official marriage.

Also in this secret acts like love magic use lapel and cool.

Cool is usually used personally at the request of a person who himself wants to get rid of binding to another object.

The Hex


Hex , evil eye, curse usually, it aims to punish a person on the love of the field before they committed acts. This can be ordered ex-partners or their loved ones.

Magic is also used for many other human problems. It can bring luck to loser, and exactly the opposite-to break brilliant career of politician.

Some well-known politicians, businessmen, stars of show business it is obliged by the rapid growth in its field. Underestimate its influence is not worth it.

Removal of hex


Who else but a sorcerer who can see how and what has been hovering hex and how to get rid of. Remove it can be as simple in the elements, such as the ground or a fire, and return it to the customer.

After that, be sure to put the protection in advance to eliminate the magic attack.

Hex can lead to diseases that doctors can not find, and a sharp collapse in the family and in the business, the material side of life … When the cause of trouble got in right time , you can prevent it in the bud.

Business Magic


Business magic or magic money can help a person to retain and improve existing business, as well as to raise the one who is not satisfied with their financial situation and to bring him good luck, and luck is a case in which he is just starting or wants to start.

It may be advantageous marriage, and win or inheritance, or to attract investments from the right person to help protect, and so on. In any case, the master himself assesses the situation and decides how best to help you to improve your position.

With the help of magic you can dramatically and drastically change your life. It is not always necessarily to live in poverty with a failure in the hope that good fortune and luck will sail one day into your hands for helping you .

How I work


If you are going to ask me for help personally, you should at first call on the phone and pre-register.
It is necessary to take a picture of those who are involved in your problem.

If you ask for help on the distance, attach photos and names of the persons.

For my part I will check how can I help you , and if possible, will indicate what can be done, you need to do, when to start, schedule and cost.

All work is carried out only at the full advance payment without exception. The minimum price for the work that I take is $ 500.

For free I can just study your problem from the perspective of how we can help. Questions such as:

-What he does he think of me?

-Does he has another?

-Will we be together?

— Am I his fate?

are divination with elements of clairvoyance and paid separately as a paid service.

If I agreed to help you, then all work I will do by myself. You are required only treatment secrecy and fully release situation.

And do not write to me every day with questions:

-Can I write him a sms?

-Can I sit in front of his house, for he saw me out of the window?

-What is he thinking of me now?

-Will you definitely help me?

In — First, the real master is always possible to meet in person. Before the advent of the Internet and communication tools masters were only intramural reception. Therefore, if you are faced with a lack of website addresses of receiving full-time, it is no doubt of its reality.

In — the second name should be the master openly listed on the site. And only this name should come pay.

B — Third, a photo or a video with the master as well needs to be on the site. It can be checked by a video call on Skype, or any other system that supports video. If the magician shirk this, it calls into question about his reality.

B — Fourth, the presence of phone for communication is necessary. It is silly to work with the master, but having only his e-mail.

Fifth — it is the payment. A wish of the magician to get paid only type of electronic money :WebMoney or YandexMoney cause huge doubts about him. Usually minors who are not able to receive the payment in the bank asking about that .

Sixth — do not listen to stories, that magician tells about himself. Anyone can come up with fiction. Look at the official open sources, such as, publishing, television and other projects, paying attention to their remoteness.

If the master for many years openly under his own name has been practicing magic, then there are no doubts about him .Scammers are not working this way .
Their behavior — took the money and disappeared. Well known master will never act this way. His authority, I repeat, it’s his job open for many years under the name.

Seventh — reviews of the magician in the Internet. Write a slander of the «competitors» or praise himself — that can do anyone now.

In this direction, as a PR or anti-PR operates a network of advertising and public relations agencies, so the judge reviews the wizard through that is a dubious process.

Photoshop and slander are good help for fraudsters.



Skype: live:magbalaban

+37 28 17 36 382 (assistent Irina — English, Deutch)


balaban andrey black mage amanar

Black mage Amanar


I can not guarantee results. Every problem in life is very special and individual. I need to understand it, to study, to consider the best option of real and unbiased assistance to a person, and only then to say something specific. Results may vary depending on each specific case.