Book Announcements 2024

«My Profession: wizard» is the seventh unplanned book in the completed «Academy of Black Magic» series. All six books can be viewed at the esoteric publishing house «Veligor».

In this book, I unveil the world where magic and reality intertwine, narrating my journey to becoming a sorcerer. It presents a unique blend of a textbook and a practical guide, enriched with stories from my personal life and professional practice.

This journey begins in the realm of critical thinking and 21st-century academic knowledge, where each of us strives to find our place. Here, I share how scientific achievements and magical thinking coexist in my life, revealing how one can be an engineer by day and explore the mysteries of tarot and ritual magic by night.

My story is not just a narrative about magic, but also a reflection on how to harmoniously combine a belief in the supernatural with everyday life in the modern world. This book is your guide to a world where everyone can find something of their own, be it curiosity, a quest for knowledge, or a desire to look beyond the visible.

Welcome to my world, where magic is not just words, but a part of life.

«Diagnostics of Karma» is the sixth book in my «Practical Esoteric Psychology» series, where I open a new page in the understanding of human destiny. This book represents the culmination of my journey, merging profound knowledge in psychology and esoterism.

Since childhood, fascinated by magic, esoterism, and occultism, I simultaneously pursued education in medicine and psychology, leading to the creation of a unique methodology for diagnosing karma. This method allows one to delve into a person’s past reincarnations, comprehend their present, and even foresee the future, providing opportunities for correction and transformation of human existence.

In this book, I share my unique discoveries and methods that blur the lines between scientific approaches and esoteric practices, offering readers tools for understanding and changing their lives on a deeper level.

«Diagnostics of Karma» is not just a book; it’s a journey into the depths of consciousness and time, opening new horizons in understanding oneself and the surrounding world.

The journey through the edges of psyche and mysticism reaches its apex in «Necromantic Psychotherapy», the seventh and final book in the «Practical Esoteric Psychology» series. The author, combining rich experience in magic and deep knowledge of practical psychology, opens a door to a world where the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical are blurred.

This book reveals the author’s method, allowing for deep correction and healing through contacts with the departed, within emotionally rich, vivid, and conscious dreams. This guide to necromantic psychotherapy will enable readers to gain a new perspective on their lives, uncovering untapped potential for interaction with forces beyond our material world.

The author shares knowledge and practical findings, supported by stories from personal practice and research, proposing an innovative approach to self-discovery and self-development. Here, at the crossroads of ancient practices and modern psychotherapy techniques, you will find keys to unlocking the most hidden corners of human consciousness.

«Necromantic Psychotherapy» is not just a book; it’s a portal to a world where every whisper and silence carries profound meaning, and departed ancestors become guides in the realm of spirits and emotions.