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1️⃣ Please provide photos and names of all individuals involved in your inquiry.
2️⃣ Clearly specify the desired outcome.

🆓 During the free consultation, I will assess the costs, timelines, and guarantees for your project.*

💶 Pricing Structure:

  • Divination and curse diagnosis: 100 euros
  • Magical services: starting from 500 euros (price may vary based on complexity)

💼 Please note: Full payment is required in advance, with photo and video reports of the work provided.

💬 Get in Touch:

  • Phone: +37257323296 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) Send PHOTOS and NAMES of all the people involved in your PROBLEM in the very first message. When ordering love magic, you need to send photos of both yourself and your loved one, and name both of your names. Specify what you want from magical assistance right away. Without this, you will not receive a response from me.*

🔒 Your personal data is securely handled. Expect a response within one day.

*Every situation is unique. I cannot guarantee assistance without a preliminary review and examination of your situation. Only after a detailed review, I will be able to provide you with methods of problem-solving, chances of success, and timelines. After that, you can make a decision regarding the work.